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Last week was a horrible week, and if Monday had anything to do with it this week doesn’t look very promising. But I’m ever hopeful.

No one particular person, thing or event made last week horrible, it was just one of those weeks that made me really sorry that I had come home from the Bahamas in December. OK, every week has that effect (the Bahamas were really, really lovely), but it was a pretty bad week. So it’s good that I’m doing this blog now, because it will force me to salvage 2o good things from a week and a beginning of a week that seemed pretty much horrendous all the way around. So enjoy the list, and may this week progress beyond Monday’s beginning!

top 20

  1. My niece Olivia, who turns SIX on Thursday. SIX! Where did the time go??

    The Birthday Girl, making cookies with her brother

  2. my hair dresser, Ashley, who keeps my unruly hair looking somewhat presentable
  3. orange spice tea
  4. thank you notes
  5. Twitter posts from @NPRMonkeySee
  6. the 1993 Kevin Kline/Sigourney Weaver film Dave
  7. the return of Parks and Recreation on NBC
  8. my friend Pin Lim, who posted my blog on his blog, The EastEnder Notes (read it–it’s fun and insightful)
  9. Getting all dressed up. Last Friday it was for the BAHEP Quasar Annual Banquet. I was a little understated–in a sea of color, sparkles and feathers I wore a rather plain black dress–but it was fun.
  10. Having a choice of iPhone carriers
  11. Keith Olbermann. I’ll miss him on MSNBC.
  12. when making gumbo, the smell of fresh vegetables when they first hit the hot roux
  13. reasonability
  14. new furniture
  15. clogged ears
  16. cozy warm blankets on a chilly rainy night
  17. candlelight
  18. thoughtful, smart people
  19. large umbrellas
  20. peanut butter M&M’s

bottom 10

  1. Pepper flakes. Some cooking school in Houston must have encouraged using them as an actual spice, because they’re in everything I order lately.
  2. uncertainty
  3. Insomnia. Jamey and I both suffered from it this past weekend.
  4. spite
  5. unfair comparisons
  6. this bit of encouragement from my boss: “Worst case scenario, you lose your job.”
  7. nightmares
  8. The Budweiser commercials with the smart-ass female bartenders. I appreciate snark as much as the next person, but they just seem mean to me.
  9. dropped calls
  10. eye irritants

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I didn’t do a blog post last week because it just felt wrong after the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords in Tucson. Somehow everything I thought to put on either list paled in comparison with the lives lost and saved that day.

That incident shook me, as it did most of the country, and my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims and the family of the actual shooter as well. I think the discussions we had as a nation in the days afterwards were good for the country, and I hope that we can all find a way to act and speak with a big more civility now. I think we, as citizens of this country, are better than we’ve been behaving in the past few years.

But enough pontificating–I know you all probably had quite enough of that last week. So I’ll just move right into the lists for this week. Enjoy!

top 20

  1. Sarah and Sevrin, at the beach

    My sister Sarah, who turned 33 this past Saturday.

  2. kindness and civility
  3. The President’s speech at the Memorial Service in Tucson. It was inspiring to me.
  4. Jon Stewart’s speech on the Daily Show the Monday after the shootings. Also inspiring.
  5. The King’s Speech. It’s a film, not an actual speech, and it had nothing to do with the Arizona shootings. But it was equally inspiring, and one of the best films I’ve seen.
  6. ibuprofen
  7. InDesign
  8. Niko Niko’s, a fabulous Greek restaurant in Houston
  9. getting organized
  10. a surprise visit from Carly–it’s always nice to see her
  11. picking out photos from our travels to decorate our walls
  12. running errands on a rainy Sunday afternoon
  13. The weather in Houston: the entire East Coast is suffering under mounds of snow, and we’re all whining because we have to wear a coat because the temperature fell below 60 degrees. We’re very spoiled.
  14. Neil Degrasse Tyson
  15. french vanilla coffee
  16. Jimmy Buffett
  17. the mug Jamey bought me in Disneyland with a picture of super grouchy Tinkerbell that says “Mornings Aren’t Magical”
  18. Ikea, which is very much like Disneyland.
  19. google
  20. the Sondheim musical Into the Woods, which is currently playing in Pasadena (TX)

bottom 10

  1. Sears, who sent my sister a used–and dirty–KitchenAid Mixer when I had ordered her a brand new one as a birthday gift. Gross!
  2. feeling like a pariah
  3. runs in my super sheer pantyhose
  4. Mondays
  5. The absence of verbs during the local newscasts on KUHF. It drives me up the wall.
  6. micromanagement
  7. standing in line
  8. whatever is in black clothing that causes it to attract every piece of cat hair in the vicinity
  9. running out of contact lenses
  10. aspartame

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Beautiful Bahamas


It’s a new year, and already I’m bored. I’m pretty sure that I have some sort of attention deficit disorder because this happens pretty frequently. But I think this particular instance of boredom has more to do with the fact that for the past two months I’ve been going pretty much non-stop, vacationing and conferencing and baking and shopping and gift wrapping and packing, stopping only to be horribly sick a few times in between. And now I’m left with just working during the day and making dinner during the evening, and I am b-o-r-e-d, which makes me cranky, which makes me horrible company.  Such is the life of a woman with the attention span of a kitten. Hopefully posting my blog will help.

I hope you enjoy this week’s lists, which are a nice combination of our fantastic holidays in Florida, the Bahamas, more Florida, and several days at home sweet home. Have a great week!

A note about the photos: I’ve been having all sorts of trouble posting them to this blog for some reason. I’ve done a lot of cursing and screaming, but neither of them have helped, so just pretend like everything is where it should be. One day I’ll learn how to do it properly.  

top 20

  1. Christmas in the Bahamas. The islands of the Bahamas are seriously some of the most beautiful places on earth. You can see more pictures like this one here, in Jamey’s online album of stunning shots of crystal blue water, palm trees, sunsets, and general lap of luxury stuff.
  2. the staff and crew of the Carnival Cruise Ship Imagination
  3. Miami. I never realized it was so stunningly beautiful.
  4. long walks on the beach
  5. the color of the atlantic ocean
  6. Getting to spend the evening with our friend Jace Vek the day we got back into port.

    Jace and Me, at the Breakers

    Jace is an amazing musician and a great friend, and it was a nice surprise to be able to see him again.

  7. The Breakers in Palm Beach, where Jace will hopefully be delighting the guests at tea and beyond.
  8. Winning not one, but TWO Gold-Plastic-Ship-on-a-Stick trophies in the on-board game show and Scattergories tournament. I know Jamey was very proud.
  9. Key Biscayne
  10. rainy days
  11. playing disc golf at the course in Taylor Lake Village
  12. My cat George, who survived several days being locked in the guest room while we were gone. We’re just glad she didn’t eat the poinsettia.
  13. unexpected gardens
  14. Mint Infusion, this amazing concoction I learned how to make at The Breakers involving Bacardi Limon, mint, and cucumbers
  15. Opening Christmas packages from my family.

    Oliver, getting into the spirit of things

    We did it days after Christmas, but it was still just as much fun. As you can see, Oliver enjoyed it too.

  16. The Hyatt. We stayed in two: Pier 66 in Ft. Lauderdale and Coral Gables in Miami, and both exceeded my expectations. And I’m a total hotel snob, so that’s saying something.
  17. Spending time with Jamey. We’re both so busy we don’t get to do that as often as I’d like, and he’s really great company.

    Jamey and Me in Key Biscayne

  18. those Foundation for a Better Life ads
  19. the staff at Bayshore Medical Center, who make unpleasant procedures at least bearable
  20. welcoming 2011 quietly, peacefully, and hopefully

bottom 10

  1. boredom
  2. feeling torn between loving my Christmas vacation and missing my family
  3. going back to work after a vacation–particularly one involving sandy beaches and palm trees
  4. Mammograms. Seriously, could they come up with a more uncomfortable way to check on things?
  5. unnecessary drama
  6. inexperienced nail technicians
  7. Medical insurance. It confuses me.
  8. hypochondria and night panic (I think they’re interrelated)
  9. feeling foolish
  10. never-ending post-vacation piles of laundry

Next year's XMas card!

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