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Oh geez. I feel like Calamity Jane. Or Debbie Downer. Or Eeyore. Take your pick. All I can do lately is whine and moan, and I’m sure that I’m boring everyone to tears with all of my whining. I’m boring myself to tears! I need to snap out of it. Maybe writing my blog will help.

My life in general is not bad, and I honestly have no reason to complain–well, except for one, which isn’t technically a problem of mine. And yet here I am, complaining. Here’s just a small sample of the misery in my life: My head hurts. I have goop in my eye. I have insomnia. The lady at the nail salon does a lousy job but I don’t want to insult her by asking for a different nail tech so I’m stuck with not-so-fancy nails. I can’t get past level 13 on Angry Birds. Jamey is out of town again and I hate cooking for one. There isn’t a Starbucks anywhere near where we live.

There are actually real reasons–quite serious ones–that I’m feeling blue, but I won’t get into that because dirty laundry is sometimes best kept balled up in the hamper. Let’s just say that this week the bottom ten doesn’t seem quite long enough.

But that is why I do this, to remind myself that It’s Not That Bad. So here are twenty reasons why  that’s true…and only ten of the many reasons it sometimes feels That Bad. Hope everyone has a good week, and hopefully next week my blog will be a little more cheerful.

top 20

  1. My fantastic husband, who is putting in more than his share of hard knocks these days and he’s handling them like a champ. He’s wonderful in every way, and I love him. 
  2. anticipation of the birth my new niece, Ella, due any day now in California
  3. snow days
  4. Jamey and I both getting a day off at the same time–that rarely happens
  5. having a strong support network
  6. my cats’ ears perking up to the slight upturn in my voice that means “DINNER” (this also works with the can opener)
  7. Super Bowl parties
  8. the Green Bay Packers
  9. McSweeney’s
  10. My sister Jackie’s blog. She’s writing about all of the things she loves in February, which is both very cute and very uplifting when you’re feeling blue.
  11. Twitter conversations
  12. slippers
  13. my first homemade cinnamon rolls declared to be an unqualified success
  14. curling up with a good book
  15. a fire in the fireplace, and a cat curled up in front of it
  16. cheesy movies
  17. Katy Perry. No matter how ridiculous the lyrics, every one of her songs somehow end up on my playlist and in my head for days.
  18. the city of Houston’s complete inability to deal with ice or snow, to the annoyed amusement of our friends in the Midwest and Northeast
  19. hand sanitizer
  20. sunshine

bottom 10

  1. having to make lemonade from really sour lemons (I’m being overly metaphorical, but you get the idea)
  2. unfair judgements
  3. tyranny
  4. a too quiet house
  5. uncertainty
  6. Constructive Criticism Overload from my boss
  7. cat hair on my iPad case
  8. hangovers
  9. having to spend Valentine’s Day at a City Council meeting
  10. goop in my eye

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So the main topic in the United States this week seems to be the weather. We’re super spoiled here in Houston, where 40 degrees is cause to bring out the coats and scarves and we actually beg the skies to dump just a flake or two in our paths. But it has been awfully cold here this week, and it’s only going to get colder. I have lots of friends in the Northeast, and I wish you all hot tea, warm baths, and days that are snowy enough to cancel work. Stay warm and drive safely, everyone!

It was an interesting week last week. I got to go to a quick conference in Washington, Texas. I know–who knew that there was a Washington, Texas? It was the Texian Rally, an event put on by the Texas Independence Trail Region (I’m on the Board of Directors) celebrating the signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Washington is just North of Brenham, and both places are absolutely beautiful. I stayed in a cute little bed and breakfast and really enjoyed the drive up and back. I never realized how proud Texans are of their time as an independent Republic, which goes to show that I’m not a true Texan. I love where I live, but this obsession with secession kind of confuses me. But it was a fun conference, anyway, and good to get away for a bit.

Speaking of independence: I have no idea how the situation in Egypt will turn out, but if the uprising there shows anything, it’s that people want the ability to have a say in how their government is run, and they’ll literally fight to be able to have it. We’ve even had our share of fighting for that right in this country. I think a lot of us take that for granted, and it’s good to be reminded once in a while of how much it matters. I often disagree with the government, and I’ll be among the first to admit that democracy in America is far from perfect. But I am so, so grateful to live in a country where I have the option of disagreeing with my government, and the right to complain about the way things are, and I also have the power to speak to my representatives and make my voice heard if I want to. Many people before me fought hard to make that happen, and my hat is off to them.

And on that contemplative, international note, I’ll move on to this week’s lists. Enjoy!

top 20

  1. Democracy 
  2. having a a warm coat and gloves at my disposal when I need them
  3. the Houston Food Bank
  4. feral cat programs
  5. Modern Family on ABC. I just started watching it and it’s hysterical.
  6. Washington the Brazos State Park (birthplace of Texas’s Independence)
  7. downtown Brenham (birthplace of Blue Bell Ice Cream)
  8. Garage Band. I happily wasted three hours creating ring tones for my iPhone last night.
  9. having “Hey Soul Sister” as the ring tone for all of my sisters
  10. super fluffy absorbant towels from Restoration Hardware
  11. Central Market. It makes me wish I lived closer to the Galleria.
  12. My boss. Even when he chews me out he does it nicely. I’d feel like less of a heel if he’d just yell at me.
  13. Christopher Tin, an amazing artist. (You can hear him on Audiosyncracy, Jamey’s radio show and podcast)
  14. pay day
  15. Neutrogena body lotion
  16. bubble baths
  17. knowing my way around Houston well enough not to need the GPS. Except when I get lost. But then I have my iPhone.
  18. La Madeleine
  19. contemplating new color schemes for the bathroom and bedroom
  20. our City Secretary’s Office

bottom 10

  1. level 2-17 of Angry Birds. That is an evil, evil game.
  2. scanned documents sent as .jpg’s (rather than .pdf’s)
  3. flaky people
  4. being at work on a nasty cold rainy day while my husband is at  the FETC conference in sunny Florida
  5. boredom
  6. fake laughs
  7. doing work that isn’t up to my own standards
  8. The film Killers. Not even Ashton Kutcher’s gorgeous face could save it.
  9. dirty dishes
  10. being in the doldrums

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