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Happy Birthday, America!

I love the Fourth of July! While I think that patriotism is too often used as a political tool, I am quite patriotic, and I love being an American. I love re-reading the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights and remembering everything that our Founding Fathers included in them so that I, you, and every other person who lives here has the opportunity to live a good life. What we do with that opportunity is up to us, but just by living in this country we already have a leg up, thanks to our forefathers and the brave men and women who fight on our behalf. 

For example, our forefathers made sure that, whether we take advantage of  it or not, every person in this country has the right and the ability to play an active part in what the government does. There are a lot of things we disagree about right now in this country. But our Founding Fathers disagreed about things too, and they made sure that disagreement was allowed. So because of them we can go ahead and  disagree, with each other or with any of the three branches of government, and we are allowed to express our disagreement at the top of our lungs. Our Founding Fathers also took pains to ensure that we have the right to vote. It took a while for that right to be extended to every American, but it finally was, and now we get to exercise that right as often as we want to.  They recognized that religion is a personal choice, and in the Bill of Rights were are guaranteed the right to worship as we please, or to not worship at all if we don’t want to, and the government has absolutely no say in that. You get the picture–there are SO many rights and freedoms that we enjoy, and today we’re celebrating all of them.

But to me the best thing about America is that everyone in this country–EVERYONE–gets to enjoy those freedoms. Even though we may not see eye to eye, we may not believe the same, and we may have different ideas about how the government should run, we ALL get the same right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We’re very lucky to be here, and I’m very proud to be an American. 

So bring on the fireworks, and enjoy this week’s lists!

top 20

  1. being proud to be an American
  2. Our very brave men and women who serve and have served in the armed forces, especially: my Dad (US Marines), my cousin Troy (USAF), my brother-in-law Joey (US Marines), my father-in-law Jack (US Marines), and too many of my classmates from high school.
  3. google doodles (today’s is especially nice)
  4. fireworks
  5. having a trip to look forward to (North Padre Island, next weekend)
  6. My friend Pin Lim, blogger, photographer, and composer extraordinaire. Also, he posts the Top 20 on The EastEnder Notes!
  7. chocolate kisses with almonds
  8. nice-smelling hand sanitizer
  9. reasonable people
  10. Ken Follett. Everything he writes is fabulous.
  11. autocorrect, most of the time
  12. Public servants (like me). Give us a break!
  13. The Most Interesting Man in the World. If I drank beer, it would definitely be Dos Equis.
  14. Extreme Makeover, Home Edition
  15. orchids
  16. Chanel mascara
  17. a chance, however slight, of showers
  18. Jamaican rum cream
  19. Gone with the Wind
  20. the film Midnight in Paris. Woody Allen is awesome.

bottom 10

  1. The Los Alamos fire from the International Space Station on June 27, 2011 (NASA)

    the fires in Arizona and New Mexico

  2. rude people
  3. skunky perfume
  4. autocorrect, sometimes
  5. cellulose
  6. plaque
  7. fireworks shows cancelled because of drought
  8. the wasps’ nest outside my bedroom window
  9. the price of Chanel mascara
  10. Walmart

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