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It is tempting to use this blog as a forum for complaints about my life. Like tonight, for instance. I’ve definitely had better evenings: I destroyed my Halloween pumpkin, I burned the bacon that I was going to put into the quiche that I didn’t make because I forgot to thaw out the crust, and then I almost destroyed the dinner that I was making as a backup. In the larger scheme of things, my job is uncertain at the moment, and the last few months have been challenging for us in many, many ways.

But when you get right down to it, who wants to read about a person’s misery and woe? Not you. Not me. And that is why I have a Bottom 10, anyway. So instead, I’d like to use my blog this evening to tell you about how really wonderful my life is. First, I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend. In addition to really loving him, I also really like him, and we have a great time together. Not everyone gets to say that. While I’m something of a hypochondriac, I have been fortunate to have very good health and relatively few true illnesses. I may live far far away from them, but I am very close in spirit to my parents and my three sisters and their families, and technology allows me to know them, even from a distance. I can say with pride that I have known all four of my grandparents–two of them are still living today, and I talk to them every weekend. I had a fantastic education, with good, supportive teachers who worked hard to ensure that I and my classmates went out into the world prepared to do anything we wanted to do. My convoluted career has given me invaluable skills, great opportunities, and an understanding of many different walks of life, and has introduced me to a variety of fascinating people. I have made many, many good friends over the years who live all over the world, and I know I can turn to them when I need their support, their advice, or their memories. I could go on and on, but I think that gives you an idea: I have a good, good life.

Tonight as I was starting my second dinner of the evening and fanning away the bacon smoke from the kitchen, I remembered all of the things that make my life so well worth living. And instead of bemoaning a short series of unfortunate events and reflecting on all of the things that have made life difficult lately, I decided to pour a couple of glasses of champagne so Jamey and I could toast our awesome future. That’s a much better way to end the week.

I hope you enjoy this week’s lists. Have a happy, safe Halloween and a fantastic week!

top 20

  1. having a good life

    Ella the Bumble Bee

  2. Halloween
  3. inspiring stories
  4. this clip of Billy Joel in the Actor’s Studio
  5. This year’s World Series. I really wanted the Rangers to win, but it was a great series nonetheless.
  6. good people
  7. Jamey’s never-ending fight with the possums outside
  8. Stephen Colbert
  9. the VW Passat commercial where the guys learn Spanish
  10. mimosas
  11. my sister Jackie’s blog
  12. The new iPhone. I don’t have it yet, but I’m seriously considering getting it because it’s SO COOL.
  13. Halloween
  14. the Houston Texans
  15. fast forwarding through the commercials
  16. iCloud
  17. salmon fillet en papillote
  18. the fun 60’s fashions on Pan Am
  19. rain
  20. glorious fall days

bottom 10

  1. Ruining my jack o’ lantern. I’m not quite as artistic as I thought I was.

    Not quite the way I thought it would turn out.

  2. a disappointing trip to the mall
  3. pointless meetings
  4. my dirty floors, that I failed once again to vacuum this weekend
  5. calories
  6. the battery on my computer that runs out in half a day
  7. being perpetually clumsy
  8. panic attacks
  9. traffic
  10. swimsuit shopping

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Welcome to Nevada!

Hello! Did you miss me? I’ve been gone for a while, but for good reason–life has been a bit hectic, and I’ve barely had two minutes at a time to sit down and check my email, let alone write my blog. Here’s a quick recap of My Life Since You Last Heard From Me:

In my last post the Fightin’ Seagulls Disc Golf Team was about to play in its third Gulf Coast Challenge, and I was bemoaning that fact. We played, and we came in second once again. They later told us that we’d actually come in third because evidently the DuPont Disc Golfers were good at Chemistry, but lousy at Math, and they beat us by a point. But we got the medals, so we’re going to go ahead and keep that second place finish. 

Other notables: I went to an Economic Development conference and Gala in Ft. Worth–I managed to stay on my feet this time, and the sidewalks of Ft. Worth were grateful for it. We pulled up the carpet in our dining room and decided that we should replace the ugly laminate flooring beneath it with a really pretty tile (coming soon). I made a spectacular green chile stew and homemade French bread dinner. On Main Street in La Porte, Jeannie Anne’s Tea Room closed its doors forever, while Cupcakes N’ Treats opened its doors for the first time. Also in La Porte, the City Manager (my boss) resigned from his post–one day I may write a bit more about that, but for now I’ll just say that these are challenging times to be a municipal employee. 

Last weekend we went to Vegas and witnessed a horrendous car crash at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway that resulted in the death of Dan Wheldon, a good driver and, by all accounts, a great human being. I’ll write more about that later in a non-list blog–it’s definitely worthy of comment, but I’m still sort of processing the whole thing. They did interview me on the local news because I’m apparently the only person in Houston who was (a) there to witness it, (b) tweeting about it, and (c) NOT AJ Foyt and therefore a Regular Person.

Apart from the car crash, the trip to Vegas was really fun–Jamey and I had a great time exploring the strip, having dinner and catching up with some good friends, checking out the Hoover Dam, and hanging out with my family, who met us there for the race. Jimmy Buffet was in town, as were all of his fans, so we got to go to the big street party at Margaritaville. We went to a fun party for the Indy race at Hard Rock Cafe and our friends got us into the Foundation Room, high above the Strip at the top of the Mandalay Bay hotel. We didn’t win big, but we only lost small, and it was a much-needed break, tragedy notwithstanding. 

So now you’re all caught up. Enjoy the lists, have a great week, and hopefully I’ll post again sooner than later. 

top 20

  1. most of what happens in Vegas

    The view of the Strip, from the top of the Mandalay Bay

  2. seeing my family
  3. reuniting with good friends
  4. my nephew Jaxon, who loves Indy car races
  5. my niece Ella, who is ridiculously adorable
  6. emails from my other niece Olivia (who goes by “Olivia the Mermaid”)
  7. hand-written thank-you letters from my nephew Sevrin
  8. Ashley Judd‘s Twitter feed. She is always gracious and lovely, even in the midst of tragedy and ugliness.
  9. tweeting about searching for my lost shaker of salt…while at Margaritaville in Vegas
  10. Parrotheads
  11. Boardwalk Empire on HBO
  12. the view from the Foundation Room
  13. The Hoover Dam
  14. sweater weather
  15. the power of social media
  16. peace
  17. my parents coming for Thanksgiving
  18. being open to the universe
  19. baked brie
  20. Finally getting a pair of boots. I’m officially a Texan now!

bottom 10

  1. Dan Wheldon, winning the Indy 500 this year (credit: Getty Images)

    a good life snatched away too early (RIP Dan Wheldon)

  2. interminable nights
  3. GOP debate redux
  4. A six-year old in a Vegas casino. Poor Jaxon spent the whole time with one of us covering his eyes so we can make sure that he stays six for a little while.
  5. de-veining shrimp
  6. the company that keeps calling my phone and asking for Susan Osborne
  7. my feet being on the losing end of the Vanity vs. Comfort battle
  8. getting up in the dark
  9. impatience
  10. luck not being a lady when I’m at the slot machines

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