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So it’s Thanksgiving next week. I know I have lots of things to celebrate, so every year I use this space to forgo the usual top 20 and bottom 10 list and instead take the opportunity to list the 30 things I’m most grateful for. I number the list just to show how many there are; with the possible exception of the first item, I’m equally grateful for each and every one of them. For those of you who read this blog regularly, I’m sorry if you see repeats from years past. There are a lot of things that just continually cause me to give thanks!
I hope you all enjoy the things that you give thanks for this year, and I wish you a happy, safe, and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, wherever and with whomever you celebrate it.

Thanksgiving Top 30

  1. My husband. Being with him is absolutely the best part of my life.
  2. My parents. I’m very glad they’ll be with me this year on Thanksgiving.
  3. My sisters. Sarah, Kellie and Jackie make my life full and rich, and I only wish I could see them more often.
  4. My in-laws. Craig, Rich and Evan have added so much to our family, and I love all of them for being so good to my sisters.
  5. My nieces and nephews. I cannot imagine our family gatherings without the happy energy and absolute delightfulness of Olivia, Jaxon, Sevrin and Ella. We’re so lucky to have them.
  6. My step-kids. I love Carly and Eric and I’m so glad that I’ve been able to share them with their mom.
  7. My in-laws. Jack, Jen, and Joey and their families have always welcomed me into their family with loving arms.
  8. The time I had with the loved ones who are no longer with us. My late grandpa Kelly, aunt Kaye, brother-in-law Jeff, mother-in-law Joan, aunt Ganene, and grandma Eva made my life better, and I feel their influence every day. I hope my readers will indulge me if I add my late, great cat George to this list–I still miss her.
  9. My pets. I’m often mocked for being the Crazy Cat Lady, but Banzai, Oliver, Furbie and even the fish (Rupert) make life happier for me.
  10. Good friends. There are too many of you to list by name, but I’m so grateful that you are a part of my life.
  11. People who make it their mission in life to give help to those in need. You are an inspiration to the rest of us.
  12. Veterans, past and present, of the US Armed Forces, and the families who support them.
  13. freedom and democracy
  14. new experiences
  15. The opportunities I’ve had to see some really amazing places. I’m excited to see more of them.
  16. Coffee. It is literally a lifesaver for chronic insomniacs like me.
  17. my health
  18. My education. I had an amazing secondary education, and I realize every day how lucky I was to have it.
  19. literature
  20. My iPad and iPhone. Seriously. How on earth did I ever live without them?
  21. music
  22. art
  23. GPS technology. I’m severely challenged when it comes to directions, and without the GPS in my car/iPhone/iPad I would never get anywhere.
  24. innovation
  25. Being employed. My job and I have a strained relationship sometimes, but I’m extremely grateful that I have one.
  26. air conditioning in the summer
  27. fireplaces in the winter
  28. life’s essentials (food, water, clean air)
  29. life’s lessons (even the hard ones)
  30. Gin. Do not judge me for this until you’ve sat through a four-hour City Council meeting on a Monday night.

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