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Have you been sitting around waiting for another blog? Here it is–and to make up for lost time I’ll make the intro short and sweet.

It’s been a depressingly uneventful couple of weeks, with the exception of last week, which was a blur of meetings, more meetings, banquets, dinners, and still more meetings. This week Jamey is in Florida, giving presentations at the FETC conference, and I’m at home with the cats, wallowing in my lack of a social life and avoiding the preparation of healthy meals (I hate cooking just for me!). But at least I get to drive the new car while he’s gone, and since last week was so insane I’m welcoming the chance to have some down time.

Hope everyone else is having a good new year so far. Enjoy the lists!

top 20

  1. the imminent return of Girl Scout Cookies (particularly Thin Mints)
  2. Gabriel Giffords
  3. freshly popped popcorn
  4. having a movie theater almost all to myself
  5. Yo Yo Ma’s musical collaborations
  6. new shoes
  7. weekly chats with my Grandfather
  8. playing Wii games with Jamey on a Saturday night
  9. my DVR
  10. The British expression “Bob’s Your Uncle.” I really think we should use it more in the United States.
  11. Tina Fey. She cracks me up.
  12. Being able to chat with my sister while I’m at work. She also cracks me up.
  13. shorebirds
  14. spy movies
  15. not having to go to City Council because I’m not on the agenda
  16. reasonability
  17. having the confidence and encouragement of my peers
  18. Living Social and Groupon deals
  19. Leonardo da Vinci
  20. Ann Patchett’s novels. I just finished reading State of Wonder, and it is divine.

bottom 10

  1. mold
  2. discouragement
  3. rote administrative tasks
  4. the scent of the hand sanitizer on my desk
  5. spam–and, while we’re at it, unsolicited sales phone calls
  6. feeling like I’ve made horrible mistakes with my career
  7. cooking for one
  8. coming to the end of a really good book
  9. The purchasing system at our office. It mystifies, confuses, and frustrates me to no end.
  10. wanting more

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Geez, have I really not been here since Thanksgiving? Sorry about that. It was a crazy, crazy holiday season, and I was horribly sick for most of it, but overall it was all good. Especially the Bahamas part and the part about hanging out with my family. Let me elaborate:

Jamey and my Mom, kayaking on Armand Bayou

Thanksgiving was great–my parents and Jamey’s daughter came and we had a wonderful time gorging ourselves on delicious food, shopping (me, Carly and Mom), watching football (Jamey and Dad) and kayaking (all of us). It was so good to see my parents and Carly, and I was so glad they were all able to make it. I hope they come again soon.

The weekend after Thanksgiving we went on a cruise to the Bahamas and spent a couple of days playing in Orlando. The Bahamas were ridiculously beautiful–Jamey hasn’t posted his photos online yet, but I’ll post a link to them when they’re up. We got to interact with the dolphins on Blue Lagoon Island, took hundreds of stunning beach photos, drank lots of mojitos and I won a second-place medal in the ship-board Jeopardy game. We ate tons of delicious food in Orlando, and visited THREE Disney parks in one day, a record for us! All-in-all it was a magnificent vacation, and we enjoyed every second of it.

The weekend after our Bahamas trip we went to Dallas to be with Jamey’s cousins as they said goodbye to their father, Joe Harrison. Funerals are always sad, but they’re also a great time to get together with family, and I enjoyed being with Jamey’s family as I always do.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

When we got back from Dallas I came down with a raging case of bronchitis and a horrible cold all rolled into one sneezing, coughing, nasty mess of an illness. I spent that week trying to drown it in orange juice and cough medicine before we left for Albuquerque to enjoy the holidays with the Ford Clan, but to no avail–I was sick the ENTIRE weekend, and halfway through Jamey ended with a cold as well. We were a lovely pair. Despite that, I had a great time seeing all of my sisters in one place, and thoroughly enjoyed my nieces and nephews. We shopped and wrapped and ate and shopped and played video games and shopped and then we shopped some more. I think we were even shopping on Christmas day, because some drug store had the good sense to stay open, knowing that we’d patronize them. My mom and my sisters made awesome meals, we played lots of games and had a great time watching all of the kids open their presents. I was either drugged to the gills or hacking up my lungs the entire time, but I had a good time anyway and I’m so glad we went.

We spent New Year’s at home, recovering from our sicknesses and saying a happy farewell to 2011. It was not a kind year to us in many ways, and we were really happy to toast to a new year filled with promise and happiness. We got Jamey a new car to drive to his new job in Huntsville (that’s a 90-minute drive, for those of you not acquainted with Texas geography) that he started on Monday. So far he loves it, and I’m really happy that he’s finally in a place that will appreciate his myriad talents and put him to work!

So that brings us to now, and a brand new set of lists for the new year. May 2012 bring you all of the things you’ve hoped for, as well as much happiness and good luck. Cheers!

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top 20

  1. saying hello to 2012
  2. New year, new car, and new job for Jamey

    Jamey’s brand new Honda CRZ (he gets 50 miles to the gallon on the freeway!)

  3. peach bellinis
  4. watching my nieces and nephews open their Christmas packages
  5. hanging out with my sisters
  6. getting a new mug from Kellie to replace the one I broke a few months ago
  7. The Bahamas. Beautiful, beautiful islands and people.
  8. Cafe Tu Tu Tango, an amazing Tapas restaurant in Orlando
  9. AMC Downtown Disney, the movie theater/restaurant in Downtown Disney
  10. hanging out with dolphins
  11. the return of The Daily Show after a holiday hiatus
  12. The Myth Busters “Behind the Myths” tour. I’m super excited about this because I am a nerd.
  13. staying at Jackie and Evan’s house
  14. Jackie and Evan’s dog, Morty. He’s awesome.
  15. everyone saying “Happy New Year” for the first week back at work
  16. Being told that I have good credit. You have no idea how long it’s been since I’ve heard that.
  17. wood floors
  18. www.dropsend.com. It’s a fantastic service for transferring large files, and it’s free!
  19. Apple TV
  20. The film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was just as good as the book.

bottom 10

  1. being sick at Christmas
  2. not being able to stop coughing, even after two weeks
  3. passing along my nasty cold to my sister
  4. going back to work
  5. not having Jamey there in the morning to make me coffee because he has to leave before dawn to get to his new job
  6. irrationality
  7. The process of getting a government sales tax exemption at Fry’s. I’ve filled out the same exact same form three times.
  8. being too tired to exercise
  9. the travails of public servitude
  10. medicine overload

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