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Kellie, Rich, Jaxon and Ella. We had such a great time!

Jaxon, at Brazos Bend. Do you see the alligator behind him?

So last week I took the week off to spend some time with my sister Kellie, her husband Rich, and their awesome children Jaxon and Ella. They came all the way from California to visit us in Texas, and we did our best to show them a good time. We fed them steak, took them to the Houston Museum of Natural Science (Jaxon loved the dinosaurs), and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts to see the King Tut exhibit. We  gave them a taste of Texas history with the Battleship Texas and the San Jacinto Monument–we went all the way to the top! I promised Jaxon some alligators, so we went to Brazos Bend and broke our all-time record of alligator sitings–we lost count after 33. We drove and drove and drove and the kids (and boys) were wonderful and didn’t cry or fuss at all. All-in-all it was a wonderful week, and I’m so glad they took the time to come and visit. I hope they come again soon! 

Ella Bella. She'll be walking in no time at all!

Also: we got a new car last weekend. Just in time to drive the Rich clan all around the the city!

Hope everyone else had a great week as well, and that this week is even better. Enjoy the lists, and Happy Spring!

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top 20

  1. a week with my sister and her family…and no work!
  2. tracking alligators at Brazos Bend
  3. good luck charms
  4. Jaxon and Ella
  5. new car smell
  6. having Spanx to help me fit into my clothes when they’re a little too snug
  7. seeing ancient artifacts
  8. this piece on 60 Minutes about the amazing symphony orchestra in the Congo
  9. Beethoven
  10. Mike Wallace. He was a great journalist and a fantastic interviewer.
  11. the Smith Gem Vault at the Houston Museum of Natural Science
  12. the HMNS docent who was so excited about the new dinosaur exhibit that he kept us at the elevator for 15 minutes to tell us all about it
  13. egg drop soup
  14. new beginnings
  15. dancing in the car with Jaxon and Ella (they like a song with a beat)
  16. The Hunger Games. I haven’t read the books, but the movie was really good.
  17. humility
  18. hands-free phone
  19. Frozen Planet on the Discovery Channel
  20. coffee ice cream

bottom 10

  1. stupidity
  2. humidity
  3. bugs
  4. impatience
  5. headband headaches
  6. feeling like I’m in limbo
  7. needing Spanx to fit into my clothes
  8. people who are jerks, just to be jerks
  9. a too quiet house
  10. finding out that the half and half has curdled AFTER putting it in my coffee

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