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Taking it Easy in the Big Easy

Bananas Foster Cheesecake. Sigh.

So I turned a year older on Monday (May 21), and to celebrate I took Jamey and his daughter Carly to New Orleans with me for a long weekend. That is highly recommended–I definitely need to celebrate birthdays in the the Crescent City more often! We had such a great time, eating, dancing, drinking, eating some more, and just taking in all of the wonderful sights, sounds, smells, and experiences that make that city such a special place for so many people.

I have had ridiculous amounts of stress and annoyance and worry in my life lately, so it was wonderful to just get away and have FUN for a change. We went to the Bayou Boogaloo in Mid City, watched a bride and groom leading a second line parade down Canal Street, applauded a brass band that took over the corner, drank our way down Bourbon Street, ate the obligatory (delicious) beignets, wandered around the French Quarter and topped it all off with the world famous Breakfast at Brennan’s. If you’ve not done that last item yet, do it. Sure it’s an expensive crab omelet, fresh french bread, and bananas Foster, but how often do you get the chance to have that for breakfast? I forewent the rest of the breakfast drink menu for a boring ole’ mimosa, but I know for a fact that they’re not going to be offering me a hurricane for breakfast at Shoney’s. So overall a great birthday, and we all agreed that it was a much-needed weekend away. 

So now I’m back at work. Yeah…let’s get one with the lists, shall we? 

Have a fantastic week. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

top 20

  1. knowing what it means to miss New Orleans

    Me and Jamey at City Park (before I got heat stroke)

  2. all of my friends who posted happy birthday messages on my wall on Facebook
  3. showing Carly a place she’s never been before–and her loving it as much as we did
  4. hot beignets
  5. street musicians
  6. road trips with great companions
  7. beautiful weather
  8. photo ops
  9. floppy hats
  10. the song “Stormy Weather”
  11. daily travelogues from my sister Jackie, who is currently touring Italy with her husband
  12. birthday texts and phone calls from all of my family (including the Italy-bound Jackie)
  13. helpful bartenders
  14. pleasant surprises
  15. My mom and dad, who are taking really good care of their parents. They’re a good example for us.
  16. night games at the new BBVA Compass Stadium, home of the Houston Dynamo
  17. $1 parking
  18. streetcars (named Desire and otherwise)
  19. Shannon and Melisa in my office, who are working hard to make an awkward situation for me less so
  20. the waiters at Brennan’s, who make breakfast even more of an event than it already is

bottom 10

  1. the sleezy bar guy at Mango Mango Daiquiris
  2. inappropriate walking shoes
  3. jealousy
  4. heat stroke
  5. anxiety
  6. stress
  7. $30 parking
  8. bad drivers
  9. self-doubt
  10. flat tonic water

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Springtime at Brazos Bend is especially lovely.

Other than that, I don’t have a whole lot of inspiring thoughts or insightful comments to offer. So I’ll just leave it there, and hope that you enjoy the lists!

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top 20

  1. springtime in Houston
  2. getting things done
  3. Draw Something. I know I’m late to the game on this–but I totally get why it’s so popular.
  4. sunless tanning lotion (and you thought I was naturally radiant!)
  5. Evernote
  6. new opportunities
  7. my friend Isaac, who has an art show in Kemah at Bakkhus Taverna next week
  8. champagne
  9. chocolate
  10. date night
  11. buttered popcorn
  12. trip planning
  13. OPI nail polish color names (I’m currently wearing Royal Rajah Ruby)
  14. thunderstorms
  15. forgiveness
  16. my cousin Troy, who is moving 8 hours closer to me with his awesome girlfriend Valerie
  17. cute shoes (see bottom 10, number 2)
  18. paying less than you expected to pay for repair work
  19. the annual fundraiser for the Armand Bayou Nature Center (and Armand Bayou, itself)
  20. Sherlock Holmes

bottom 10

  1. disappointment
  2. cruel shoes (see top 20, number 17)
  3. slow loading websites
  4. finding typos too late
  5. being hungry, but unmotivated to cook
  6. humidity
  7. feeling perpetually tired
  8. uncertainty
  9. loneliness
  10. wheezing cats

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