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Yeah…it’s raining.

It’s pouring rain today, which is great for the plants and the soil and the environment in general, and really terrible for my hair. There are flash flood warnings for four different counties in the area, and everyone is being urged to avoid driving into giant puddles of water, or the bayou, or the Gulf of Mexico. It always baffles me that they have to warn us not to do that, but every year it seems like dozens of cars are carried down the bayou because their owners thought they were smarter than Mother Nature. Morons.

I looked pretty decent when I left the house this morning, my hair all teased and sprayed and Texan-ized. But when I got to work and opened my umbrella into the torrential rain, the wind picked it up and turned it completely inside out. I’m always the last one to work (relax–I’m also usually the last one there at night), so all of the good parking spots close to the covered walkway were taken. So I was parked across the parking lot from the building and I had to run to the door in the rain, getting completely drenched in the process.  At least I had the presence of mind to grap some flip flops before I left, so I didn’t have to toddle across in my three-and-a-half-inch-heels (and ruin them).

Now some women look really sexy and “come hither” with wet hair.  Sadly, I’m not one of them. I just look really frumpy, like I forgot how to comb my hair. So I’m wandering around City Hall in my soggy clothes and bedraggled hair and flip flops, basically looking like a homeless person. I’m sure the City is proud, proud, proud to have me representing them today. For the sake of our citizens, I hope the site selector for Starbucks doesn’t come waltzing up to the front desk looking for the economic developer so he can find a place to build here.

Hopefully you’re a little more dry and a little less bedraggled than me today. Enjoy the lists, and remember: Turn Around. Don’t Drown! 

UPDATE: They’re doing foundation repair on my house today. In the rain. So I left cozy City Hall and came home, where I still look like a homeless person, but now I look like a dazed homeless person from all of the jackhammering. My cats are Freaking. Out.

Also–Texas Real Estate Business featured a quote from moi in their Enewsletter that goes out to 8900 readers in Texas. Super nice of them. You can read it here if you’re interested (and didn’t already see my post on Twitter and LinkedIn). 

top 20

  1. rainy mornings
  2. won ton soup
  3. Woody Allen
  4. technology
  5. my 90-year old grandfather, who has made it through two surgeries this past month with flying colors
  6. looking forward to seeing my sisters
  7. sincerity
  8. teamwork
  9. good neighbors
  10. My optometrist, Dr. Pham. He always makes me feel like a rock star because I can pass the eye test.
  11. happy coincidences
  12. The film The Magic of Belle Isle. Charming, which you’d expect because it stars Morgan Freeman and Virginia Madsen.
  13. The film The Big Year. Also charming. This was unexpected because it stars Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson.
  14. friends who call to check up on me
  15. free apps of the week at Starbucks
  16. Aaron Sorkin
  17. the sound system in my Honda CRV
  18. The Onion
  19. Group texts with my sisters and my mom. They are hysterical.
  20. Matt Nathanson’s song “Modern Love.” It’s super catchy.

bottom 10

  1. being a bureaucrat
  2. being a soggy bureaucrat
  3. waiting
  4. Viacom. I think it’s criminal to withhold The Daily Show.
  5. boredom
  6. insomnia
  7. Kashi bars. Blech.
  8. falling down
  9. bad wine
  10. humiliation

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