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No Words

NOTE: This post should have been filed under “non list blogs”, but I wrote it on my iPhone in the car as we were headed out of town. Most of the time you’ll find actual top 20 and bottom 10 lists here, but the situation warranted an emergency post on my part.

As we make our way to IAH for a fun vacation, the flags at half-mast along the way are a sobering reminder that the country is in mourning for the 27 people who were slain in Connecticut on Friday, 20 of them children. Even as I type that it seems so surreal to me, and impossible to wrap my head around.

I don’t have any children of my own, but this tragedy touched me, like it did the rest of the country, because the victims were so young and so innocent and so undeserving. And what makes it the most horrible, to me, is the fact that they weren’t casualties of an adult altercation–the gunman went to an elementary school, a place where he knew that small children would be, and he intentionally targeted them. At this point I don’t know the motivation or the reasons (can there possibly be a reason for something so heinous?), but that fact alone chills my blood and challenges my sense of balance in the world.

There are no words to adequately explain the grief and sympathy and sense of overwhelming heartbreak that I know I share with so many people. There’s nothing I can say in 140 characters that would seem adequate in any way so I’ve not posted anything of my own on social media. All I can do, like everyone else, is wonder why.

I’m heading out of the country, and I have several days of rest and relaxation ahead of me. I know when I return the flags will be back at full staff and the news media will move on to some other story. But right now it’s still fresh in my mind and my conscience, so I wanted to write a few words, however inadequate they may be.


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IMG_2663Gosh it’s been a long time! For those of you who read my blog regularly (all three of you), I’m very sorry–I’ve been a bit busy. For those of you who occasionally check in, or who are just joining us, welcome! I usually post much more often than once a quarter. 

Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of my life in the last six months: We put our house on the market in July; Jamey turned 50 in August; Jamey’s lease on his apartment in Huntsville ran out in September so he moved back to La Porte (and resumed the insane 90-minute-each-way commute to Huntsville); we sold the house in October; I quit my job with the City of La Porte in November (with a choir of angels singing in the background); and we moved to Huntsville the week of Thanksgiving. To celebrate this new chapter in our life, and to recover from a ridiculously stressful move and lack of Thanksgiving holiday, we are going to the Dominican Republic for a week before Christmas. I’m super excited about that. 

250px-HuntsvilleTXSignHuntsville is absolutely beautiful. There are tall pines all over the place and the air is crisp and clean and everyone is really nice. I’ve only gotten lost once so far, but I’m sure that will change over time. Our new place is very tiny–we’re renting a small condo in Huntsville until we figure out where I’m going to land, then we’ll find a more permanent place to put down our roots in North Houston. So we’ve had to learn to live small again, and that’s not a bad thing. Jamey has worked really hard to put in extra lighting and install additional storage shelves and artwork for me so I can feel like I’m at home. Since he’s been doing this in his off time while he’s working at his very time consuming and stressful job, I doubly appreciate his efforts. I have found a new position, but I’ll get into that in a future blog since there is an announcement pending. I can tell you that I start January 7, it’s in economic development, and it’s an exciting opportunity for me. 

Finnegan Corey Ottesen, the newest edition to the Ford Clan.

Finnegan Corey Ottesen, the newest edition to the Ford Clan.

In the middle of all of the insanity in the last few months we had a moment of pure joy: my youngest sister Jackie and her husband Evan welcomed their first child into the world on October 16. The whole family is bananas over little Finnegan Corey Ottesen, for good reason–he’s adorable. I went to see him in October and we’re going to go back to Albuquerque to visit him, his parents, and my parents for Christmas and I’ll be happy to see him again and to introduce him to his Uncle Jamey. Also: my sister Kellie celebrated her 33rd birthday in August, my nephew Jaxon celebrated his 7th birthday in September, and my mom celebrated her 62nd birthday in November.

So here we are, in the middle of another holiday season in a very different, and better place. I wish all of you a happy, merry, bright holiday. Whatever it is that you celebrate, I hope you do it surrounded by people and in places that you love, and that your celebration brings you peace, comfort and joy.

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Here’s a top 20/bottom 10 to help with the merriment:

top 20IMG_2659

  1. starting a new chapter
  2. planning a much-needed vacation
  3. trees
  4. drinking coffee on our tiny back porch
  5. gainful employment
  6. homemade tortillas
  7. having dinner with my lovely step-daughter in Galveston
  8. wrapping packages
  9. The Litter Robot. Seriously, if you have a cat (or two or three) and live in a tiny place it’s a great investment.
  10. iPhone upgrade
  11. cold spells
  12. long drives on country roads
  13. getting organized
  14. sleeping in
  15. talking to my sisters every day
  16. The film Flight, which I finally went to see. Denzel Washington is awesome, as always, and it’s a good film that makes you think.
  17. This year’s fantastic holiday movie lineup–Les Miserables, The Guilt Trip, Zero Dark 30…so many movies, so little time.
  18. ice cream
  19. good friends
  20. surprises

bottom 10

  1. Being financially dependent–even temporarily. I HATE not having my own money.
  2. exhaustion
  3. laundry
  4. broken nails
  5. clutter
  6. the words “fiscal” and “cliff”
  7. ridiculous password protection systems
  8. headaches
  9. too few windows
  10. people who drive slowly in the left lane

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